Meat Managers Sale Continues…

Club-Pack Pork Side Ribs
$2.99 lb $6.59 kg

Club- Pack Boneless Centre Cut Pork Loin Chops
$2.49 lb $ 5.49 kg

Whole Fresh Frying Chicken
$2.49 lb  $5.49 kg

Club – Pack Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
$6.99 lb $15.41 kg

Club – Pack Boneless Inside Round Roasts or Steaks
$3.99 lb  $8.80 kg
Our low price this week !

Pork Back Ribs
Frozen-individually wrapped
$4.99 lb $11.00 kg

Come in and check out our seasoned and marinated meat items made fresh in store…

-souvlaki, greek, lemon pepper, bbq and buffalo chicken

-teriyaki, maui, souvlaki, chili lime, Saskatchewan bbq pork

Quick and easy !

NEW from our sausage kitchen Pickled Smoked Sausage 500ml jar $5.99